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About EEOCcomplaint.com

Designed by a lawyer, we provide forms that help you make your case to the EEOC. It can be difficult dealing with the EEOC when you don't have a lawyer. By providing the same forms that employment lawyers use, as well as sample completed forms, your case can get the attention it deserves. You can use our forms to file a complaint of discrimination based on:
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-National Origin
-Sexual Harassment

Here’s what you get

* EEOC Intake Questionnaire
* Official EEOC Charge of Discrimination
* Witness Affidavit Form
* Eleven Sample EEOC Charges
* Cover Letter to EEOC
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Product Details

* The Forms can be downloaded after checkout and come on CD and are both Windows and Mac compatible.
* Edit forms in Microsoft Word or any program that can read .doc files.
* Includes instructions on how to file your charge.

Why Purchase These Forms?

Dealing with the EEOC can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. People have reported hour long waits just to speak with an intake representative - who is not even an attorney. People have reported being turned away and not allowed to file a charge. Because of budget cuts, the EEOC lacks the resources to handle the number of complaints it receives in this down economy. Many intake representatives see themselves as a firewall between the attorneys at the EEOC and the many victims who claim employment discrimination. This is why most employment lawyers draft their own charges and mail them in to the EEOC. It's faster, easier, and will likely get better results.